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What is the importance of Hotmail?

Hotmail is considered one of the world’s first webmail services launched in the year 1996. It was established by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in California, and you must know that Microsoft acquired the company for approximately $400m, and then it was re-launched as MSN. It was a free online e-mail service. Its popularity extended all over the globe, and it had over a hundred million users. It had become one of the most popular webmail services that are available for the users. Hotmail Support is quite beneficial as it allows the users to get unlimited storage, calendar, contacts, and Ajax.

The widespread benefits of Hotmail are that it is closely integrated with One Drive, Office Online, and also Skype. It also effectively allows the users to read and send e-mail wherever there is internet access. From the day it was launched, there have been many new and useful features making it perfect software for use.

Nowadays, the name Hotmail does not exist as it is known as The email addresses of old users are still the same but include a new outlook online interface. If you too are one of the old users and having complications, then Hotmail customer support could be the best option. It also offers you the best supports and guidance.

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Five Effective Benefits of Hotmail/Outlook

There are many practical benefits associated with using this mail service. Some of the best benefits are mentioned below: –

  • The best thing is that it allows you to have a personal folder that will enable you to group emails by type. It could make your work easier to search related emails quickly when you need to choose.


  • It also helps you to avail Microsoft Office support as it has more file compatibility. It also allows you to open Word documents in SkyDrive while enjoying the traditional word interface.


  • If you want, you can also directly connect to Facebook chats that allow you to chat with friends you have on your Facebook list. You could easily socialize while staying in on the window and also reduce hassle in the best manner.


  • With the help of mail, you could socially be linked. It helps contact management since it efficiently syncs all major social media accounts and sends email notifications for birthdays and other social events.


  • It could help you to effectively exchange ActiveSync support that is designed solely for the corporate user base. You could easily sync contacts, mail, and calendar to your outlook account.

There are many more benefits of an Outlook account that you could effectively enjoy other than the points mentioned above. The Hotmail customer support services are quite popular as it helps you use the powerful productivity apps effectively. You could quickly get in touch with Outlook experts and get the best advantage of its robust services that you enjoy. You may also be able to learn about it through the best experts of Hotmail customer support.

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